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  1. It worked as expected 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2016

    This included the front glass, the LCD screen, and a bezel. It doesn't include the speaker in the earpiece you have to move that from the original part.

    There are no instructions and none I could find with the help of Google-sensei, so I'll just share some of the things I learned.

    Step 1 - take off the back case and remove SIM/SD cards
    Step 2 - remove all the small screws (should be 13 including the warranty tamper one)
    Step 3 - Gently pry off back plate. (You may have to remove the IMEI sticker from the battery to access all the screws)
    Step 4 - Gently disconnect and remove the ribbon cables above the battery ( 1 thin, 2 fat) and the battery connector (silver clamp/plug)
    Step 5 - Unscrew the one remaining screw in the center of the upper PCB. Unclasp the chip from the top of the PCM (it's the one with the yellow/orange tape on it on the replacement part)
    Step 6 - gently pry loose the battery
    Step 7 - Gently pry loose the upper and lower PCB
    Step 8 - Gently pry loose the ear piece speaker from the original broken part and move it to the same location on the replacement part
    Step 9 - Put the upper and lower PCBs back in the same place on the new part. (Take care to not damage the WIFI antenna, the WIFI antenna connector, and the lower speaker/mic
    Step 10 - Remove the silver ribbon cable (fat) from the left of the old pannel and place it in the new part making sure to connect everything the same way.
    Step 11 - Connect the other ribbons and cables and chips in the new pannel. Make sure you don't forget anything
    Step 12 - Carefully thread the wifi antenna into the slot groove in the new case.
    Step 13 - Reconnect the battery and the clasp connector, and double check to make sure everything is put back in the same exact place you removed it.
    Step 14 - Reconnect all the back plate, screw back in all the old screws, add your SIM/SD cards power on and enjoy.

    Note: Things to check afterwards to make sure you didn't miss something.
    - Call out. Can you hear their voice can they hear your voice? Can you hear them on speaker phone can they hear you on speaker phone? (If you reconnected the speakers and mics wrong something won't work)
    - Camera(s) work and are angled correctly?
    - Flashlight for camera works and is angled correctly?



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